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Originally Posted by View Range View Post
Wes, as I recall Viso II/III is 40.0 + 28.8 (LTM) or 41.0 + 27.8 (LBM) for a total of 68.8mm. I recall PLOOT/Viso I is 62.5 + 28.8 (LTM) for 63.5 + 27.8 (LBM) for a total of 91.3mm. I don't see how there is that much room for Viso I, just looking at the small pictures.
Well, I did some careful measurements, and if I remove the two-inch short mount, I have just enough room to fit in an adapter for the Kilfittscope in Nikon/Contax mount (thread in front, bayonet in rear), and achieve infinity focus. It will be a tight fit. Will let everyone know if it works. If it does work, a Visoflex I should work as well, since it requires 2 millimeters less space.

Fred: Thanks for the pictures. Yours is similar to the TV Nikkor I found on-line on Montana. Both have the same black beauty rings. Different serial number series. But what is the lens mount? WES
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