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Contax III -- Top Cover Removal and "Catch" Adjustment
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Nick Merritt
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Contax III -- Top Cover Removal and "Catch" Adjustment

I thought I'd ask this question rather than trying to infer things from Maizenberg, who after all is dealing with the Kiev 3. I don't know how similar the two are.

Problem -- the leading curtain can start to open when I half-depress the shutter. Same thing occurs when the selftimer is activated. This only seems to be a problem with the highest speeds, 1/500 and 1/1250, though 1/250 sometimes does this as well.

My take is that by adjusting the central catch at the top of the shutter so that it doesn't release so quickly, that should cure this problem. There is an eccentric adjuster for the catch, but I have to remove the top cover of the camera in order to do so.

So what do I have to watch out for in removing the top cover? Again, this is the III, so the rewind knob is above the meter adjustment knob -- that is, it's different from the II. And, am I right about adjusting the latch? Or should I leave well enough alone? I tend to like to slowly depress the shutter release, so I would like to be able to do that and not use more of a "stab" approach.

Thanks very much.
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