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Nick Merritt
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OK, done. At any rate, things are back together OK. The instructions in the photos were most helpful. Getting the catch adjusted right was a tedious process, though, and I'm not 100% confident that I was able to get the catch to release properly in self-timer mode. But more important, I think I've adjusted the catch so that it will not release early if I happen to slightly depress the shutter. That was the main reason I did this.

I had a difficult time getting the top body casting back in place -- it simply would not go. Then I realized that the frame counter disc was blocking it from reseating. Maizenberg suggests that you lay the frame counter disc in place under the top cover (slipping its serrated edge through the thin slot on the back top edge of the top casting) and then bringing the the top casting together with the rest of the body horizontally (so the disc stays in place), and he's right. This made no sense to me at all when I read his book, but it does when you actually do it.

So we'll see! But things at least seem right. Thanks again for pointing me to those pictures.
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