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Lubricating Compur shutter on Vitessa L
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Lubricating Compur shutter on Vitessa L

Hey guys,

I'm working on my shutter and got a question about lubricating it. I know I'm using a crude method but I wonder what you think repercussions may be.

I took the lens apart and disassembled the leaves to keep them dry and away from oil. I then I sprayed "cutting" oil, similar to WD-40 into the clockwork.

I've tested the speeds and they seem to be fairly accurate, no problems so far. The plan is to clean and dry every visible surface and get rid of excess oil before assembling the shutter leaves again.

I've read some threads with many diverse opinions on types of lubricants and the amount that needs to be applied. Obviously what I did isn't as thought-out.

What kind of issues do you think I could have down the road?

Thank you!
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