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I use a brand called Super Lube. Comes in a grey tube at the hardware store (depending on where you live), and the tube full will last well beyond your lifetime unless you repair cameras every day.

Clean the entire mechanism with Ronsonal lighter fluid, or the good pure naphtha you get for thinning paints. I apply a little bit under the drive if it's a model that is wound when the film is advanced (like on a fixed lens rangefinder), sometimes down in the B lever area where things tend to drag, and very rarely to the ends of the spindles in the slow speed mech. I figure if you have to lube the spindles, then perhaps the mechanism is worn out.

The Synchro-Compur is the only one I've ever seen a lubrication chart for, and it is so specific about what types go where I'd think you'd find it hard to get equivalent lubes today, so a synthetic is the best choice.

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