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Originally Posted by retinax View Post
I think I saw similar symptoms on my Retina, that were related to the "transmission" that cocks the shutter from the body, it was cocking it too far. That's probably not what you're seeing as you have the shutter removed from the body...
Btw, the blades that you definitely don't want any trace of oil on are the shutter blades which are inside the assembly you're showing to us, the ones you've removed are the aperture blades, not as critical.
I've removed the shutter blades also and re-assembled them now - they're clean. They open up and work no-problem, except for that they do the action as I release the cocking "plunger" immediately

There is a tiny notch that is supposed to move into place when the cocking mechanism reaches the end - but it seems like it's missing a spring or something. Someone before me took this apart...
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