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turnaround time at Fuji repair in US?
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turnaround time at Fuji repair in US?

Has anyone had a camera repaired at the Fuji repair depot in the US? I am trying to get an idea of turnaround time.

My XT-1 has the rubberized coating coming off. The glue has just given up from carrying the camera so in my hand in hot humid environments. My local tech says he does not think he can reglue it because the rubberize coating has expanded. He does not think he can buy the new covering from Fuji US.

Also, the on / off switch, the one surrounding the shutter button, is becoming stiff. It may be from sweat wicking down in there. While it still works, I'll go ahead and have that switch replaced. When the same thing happened with my Zeiss Ikon, he could locate a switch from a parts camera at another repair shop but not so with the Fuji.

Fortunately, I have a backup but its a X-Pro-1 and the handling is just not as intuitive for me at this time.
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