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The rare and ellusive Rolleiflex sonnar Tele TLR
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The rare and ellusive Rolleiflex sonnar Tele TLR

I was hanging out at an antique furniture mall and there was a camera shop. Mostly damaged cameras rentes to appear in movie sets... I asked for Rolleiflex w/ no hopes for anything good but the owner said he had something to show me. So i grabbed for the forst time a Rollei tele.. it has a Sonnar 135mm (f/ 4.0 if i remember correctly) and the angle, depth of field, compression... is amazing. Fantastic camera for studio portraits, fashion etc... Camera was mechanically clean. Lens though had some kind of haze. It could be from the front element only and it did not have a lens cap. It could be the matter of cleanning ... or not.

It was not expensive. This is not your usual ebay Rollei. I am not buying it since i am moving into vintage 35mm though... but it was amazing to handle this camera. The lenses are heavy. It has a different balance from the tessar 75mm 3.5. Anyway, i am not a TLR guy.
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