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I choose the border size based on the image I want to print. I do crop photos and am not of the 'full image' religion. For a horizontal image on 11X14, I will have at least a one-inch border on the left, right, and top margins and a bigger one - 1.5 to 2 inches on the bottom. I will do the same thing for a vertical - larger border on the bottom than on the sides and top. I will occasionally put a black line around the image to set it apart from the border. The lines are printed on a Beard easel but, more commonly, drawn with an extra fine Sharpie. Doing this gives me room to frame the prints with a contrasting mat and allows me to store them either in paper boxes or in a folio. The extra margin also provides some protection for the image - if it becomes damaged on the edge, that can be trimmed off without harming the photo itself.
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