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Originally Posted by bmattock View Post
I think public photography is apt. It involves subjects not requiring model releases or copyright licences to record, because it is taken in public. Indoors can be public, but often is not. Outdoors is almost always public but sometimes is not. So when I think of street photography, I typically think public photography.
Actually, that's not bad...

"Street photography" and "candid photography" have baggage attached - some of it not looked on favourably in some quarters.

"Public" is a bit wide as that would include landscape photography. I photograph the streets but I'm only interested in the urban environment - people just get in my way: so, strictly I do "street photography" 'cos I photograph streets!

Perhaps "public urban portraiture"? <grin>

(Question: assuming street photography is documenting people in the urban landscape, what do you call exactly the same kind of photography when not in an urban setting, say on a busy hiking trail in a national park like Yellowstone?)


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