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Leica learning material
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Leica learning material

Hello all, does anyone have some good reference points on learning about Leicas in general?

I have been wanting one for years and had years ago nearly saved enough for an M2 until an Ex drained my savings (long story and fortunately long gone), my current girlfriend has encouraged me to try and save up for one again as she knows it's my dream bit of kit (And its probably easier to house than the cars).

Obviously it's not something I'll manage overnight and it's not something to do lightly, they are precision made tools that like the performance cars I play with need proper care and maintenance to keep them working, so I want to get to know how to tell what's good to go and what's likely going to need work and even potentially how to maintain one myself to keep costs low as like my M3 it'll be something I'll keep til I drop.

Digital or Film I don't mind as both are worth considering and the more research I can do the better off I'll be when the time comes when I can afford it.
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