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Originally Posted by Livesteamer View Post
Then you would probably like one of the Leica M cameras. May I suggest a thought from old cars. It is usually cheaper to buy the car you want, already restored and serviced than to buy a basket case and fix it up. Don't ask me how I know. You might also consider buying from a dealer who would stand behind the product altho RFF is a good place to buy if you are patient and wait for the camera that's right for you. Joe
I was thinking more just it's maintainence than a fixer upper like the 4k is, I'd be going dealer only with a Guarentee, I've got one that gets used gear in thats trustworthy near by but rarely gets Leicas in sadly, wierdly though it was Cash Converters (Pawn shop chain in the UK) where I saw an M2, were asking 500 for it and what looked like a Leica 50, sadly had no job at the time and naturally it got snapped up.
Those aren't left over screws, that's weight reduction.
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