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I have the Voigtlander (CV) 35mm f2.5 and have just acquired the Canon 35mm f2 (version 1). I haven't yet tried the latter. The CV produces images with great micro-contrast. However it seems prone to allowing ghost patches in the shape of the aperture when the sun is anywhere but behind. Consequently I have bought the dedicated hood (LH-2)and also a Canon lens so I can carry out a comparison. The dedicated LH-2 hood is large which somewhat detracts from the handiness of what is a tiny lens. I don't know if the Canon is less prone to this effect but the front lens element is recessed which is a good sign...One point about the Canon: it appears to be more solidly engineered than the CV. It's really easy to lubricate. Can anyone comment on the performance of these lenses when shooting contre-jour?
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