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Originally Posted by frlrubett View Post
Sony A7, would this work?
Yes, it should work very well.

There's a thread here on scanning with a digital camera. Lots of info on the internet. If you are doing B&W, life is easy- simple inversion and some levels and such and you are done. Color with the mask and such gets more demanding.

All in all using a digital camera for scanning is slow. The advantage of a V600, for example, is that you can put 6 or 12 frames in the machine, hit go, and it takes care of all of them. I see using my scanner (V700 these days) as making contact prints and internet files. I haul out the macro for higher quality.

Best approach in my opinion- get a V600 or equivalent. See how it works. Start looking for a macro lens, and tripod if you don't have one. If you have wanted to try macro work, here's your excuse to buy a lens. If the V600 gives you what you want, you are done. If you want more, get a macro.

The Epson clearance center has good deals. For example, the V550 for $120-

I am not up on all the current models and such, nor macro lenses for the Sony. But ask around and do some searches.
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