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Hey Lynn,

You were asking for some photos with the Nikon 1 32mm f1.2 lens. It's a fantastic lens, when it works. Used the Nikon 1 V2 on assignments for a couple of years(fantastic size and form factor), until one day, in the middle of an event, the 32mm's Aperture Control Unit went belly up, locking up the lens. My 18.5mm did the same thing, so the system got put on the back burner. But when it worked, it made really nice images.

"Reverend Jesse Jackson" Nikon 1 V2 w/32mm f1.2 lens

"Outdoor Charity Concert for Chicago Homeless" Nikon 1 V2 w/32mm f1.2 lens

"BLM Arrest" Nikon 1 V2 w/30-110mm lens

And since you always post such beautiful beach pics from down under, I thought I'd share a pic of the type of weather we get so often up here in the frozen north.

"Let It Snow" Nikon 1 V2 w/10mm f2.8 lens

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