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Originally Posted by giganova View Post
I went around the corner to the Capitol and took nearly-identical shots: digital vs film!

One with the Fuji X-T3 and one with a Minox 35 on HP-5. Very light touch in Photoshop for both, no cropping. I shot with the Fuji in color (Provia profile) and converted it to b&w in Photoshop, then another one with the in-camera monochrome profile (Acros profile). The differences are very subtle, so I post the one with the Acros profile here.

Judge for yourself:

Fuji X-T3:

Minox 35 on HP-5:
The first picture (the digital) is also better composed -- much better, actually, with the vertical element happening on the righthand vetical third. The film "version" is framed slightly too far to the left, which disrupts the balance of the entire image. i also prefer the first image for that reason, but not because it is digital. I do not particularly like grainy film images (especially "landscapes"!!!).
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