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Originally Posted by mabelsound View Post
Feminists are excellent at pointing out how weak most men are when it comes to being asked to examine their behavior, and maybe change it for the greater good. The defensiveness on display here is telling.

Was this topic ever about feminism?

If it were, I might encourage you to go tell some feminists that transwomen are real women, and feminism is failing them. The defensiveness you may receive should be very educational.

But I think the real topic here is right in the title, doesn't have anything to do with feminism. Obviously men are bad at emotions, so the stereotype goes. But is that the truth? The author of the article cherry picks a handful of experiences (which according to some on this forum is valid, whereas any of us doing the same thing, is not) - but the truth, as ever, is more nuanced than an old, tired, and toxic cliche.

There are similar ideas about "men talk more than women" or "women talk more than men" plenty of studies done "proving" either. Whichever side you want to push, for whatever reason (talk is good, talk is bad, etc.) you can find some study to back it up.

Anyways, apologies for being so defensive.
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