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Originally Posted by Timmyjoe View Post
Back in the '70s I was working two jobs, one at a fast food joint and one in a darkroom, and we had two "not nice" tricks we always pulled on the new employees. Telling them to mop the freezer at the fast food joint, and telling them that Kodak was short changing customers in the boxes of photo paper, so they had to count the number of sheets in the new boxes to make sure there were 25, not 24 or 23.

Haven't thought about that in years. Thanks for reminding me.

I have been, at various times in my own career, both a victim and a perpetrator of mopping the freezer.

And, I have to admit to having a conversation like this:
Me (to an unnamed co-conspirator): When did the steam guy deliver today?
Other cook: You know, I haven't seen him.
Me: This is bad, steam table's been running all day and we are going to run out. Probably in the middle of dinner. Should I go to Unnamed Third Party's place and see if they'll loan us a bucket?
Other cook: No. You don't really have time.
Helpful New Guy: Well, I could go, I guess.
Other cook: OK, that'd be great! I'll call 'em so you'll be all set.

The "best" part of this gag was that the other restaurant's cook gave our Helpful New Guy a plastic 5 gallon bucket, with lid firmly in place to bring back to us. Which, upon opening revealed about an inch of water in the bottom. Which, of course, meant that HNG had taken too long to get back with our steam.


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