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Originally Posted by Glen851 View Post
Nice looking camera and great photos. I shoot a lot of images similar to the third photo. Love geometric shapes with organic contrasting elements. Hope you find/cure the light leak.
I'm hoping to get my repaired 4a back soon!
Well the light leak is from a missing seal above the sprocket gear. It seems when they took the kamera apart to paint it they mis-placed it.
But my regular affordable excellent camera repair guy didn't want to touch it. My other dood charges Leica prices...
It happens every 3rd pic and if I really want to I could just frame for a square image so that it wouldn't matter! But it happens.
The lens is surprisingly good on this thing - at least as good as the 50 1.4 on my Nikon S2 - so this would be a great base set up or user for someone else.
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