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The best Leica made LTM camera (and arguably the most mechanically refined M39 camera ever) was the IIIg IMO. It has a look and feel that just exudes quality and excellence -- reminiscent of the very early Leica M3's.

The IIIf, as noted above, is certainly a contender for over-the-top excellence as well. The IIIf's are often well-worn little beasts for very good reasons, while the (few) IIIg's I've seen have been lightly used (if at all). I expect the IIIg was not adopted in its era so much by pros - perhaps it was too pricey or bypassed in favor of its famous contemporary the operationally superior M2/M3 by those needing a rangefinder. That is good for us now though!

Even the straight III is excellent - a hand made 1930's gem.

I am also partial to the II series, e.g. the IIf. They are wonderful and super reliable so long as you can forgo slow speeds. All early Leica's are in a class beyond anything made in the FSU.
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