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Originally Posted by tbhv55 View Post
Philip, that's more or less correct - although some early FEDs did have lugs.

I can't remember which was the last model to have the lugs, but my FED 2a has them.

I could be wrong but believe the OP is discussing only the 1934 - 1955 'Barnack'-style Feds - the Fed 1 cameras - none of which had strap lugs. The early Fed 2's did have them fitted, as is the case with yours, but the 2 appeared just as the 1 was discontinued. According to the Sovietcams site, the strap lugs were dropped from the 2 series sometime around 1962; i.e. towards the end of the Fed 2D model.

As far as I know the earliest "Fed" cameras to have the lugs were the TSVVS cameras which are highly collectable and are priced to match! Fewer that 1000 TSVVS cameras were made in either 1949 or 1950. An FSU Barnack-style alternative with strap lugs would be the Zorki 2 but these, too, are considerably more expensive than either a Zorki 1 or a Fed 1 and almost on a par with a 'User' Leica III.

Going back to the Fed 1g; I have some late 1f and 1g cameras and, without exception, they are all in perfect working order. It is possible to find these things in almost new condition and, because they are deemed less collectable than, especially, the pre-WWII cameras they are usually the cheapest versions on offer.

The III Leicas are smoother, without a shadow of a doubt, but a well-kept Fed 1f or 1g would make for a fabulous alternative for about the same price a Leica lenshood...

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