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Originally Posted by David Hughes View Post
Yes, just look at the price of a 1930's lens hood for the 35mm lens of that vintage. I'd sooner buy a Zorki-2 and have strap lugs and a lens hood for pennies but, well, um...

Regards, David
I couldn't agree more, David.

And it's not just the slightly rare Leica hoods which are silly money; recently I've bought a pair of used, dead common, run-of-the-mill Leitz 12585 hoods and they each cost fractionally more than my best - truly near-mint condition- Fed 1g with a collapsible 50mm and equally fine leather case. The hoods were 45 + postage each and the 1g a paltry 44.95 inc. postage.

I also like the provision of the 'T' shutter lock-open feature of the 1g. It is a VERY fine model in my opinion.

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