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Originally Posted by Welland View Post
A few months back I got my first Leica, an M4. I coupled it with a Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2. (lovely lens)

I love the camera and the lens and have run about 10 rolls through it so far. I have to my standards had some really nice shots from it. Problem is Ive also ruined some opportunities which I feel if I had an in camera light meter would have nailed.

I am used to my OM1 which has a light meter and has served me well. Im learning about the exposures and have a light meter app and a weston master but I find it slows me down.

Should I perservere or should I cut my losses and sell the M4 to make way for an M6?
I am a huge fan of the MR meter. not very big, couples with the shutter speed dial and even makes the dial easier to turn with one finger. find of that is working and enjoy the M4!
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