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So I can make a case for the our world visual vernacular springing from this groupís output from the 30ís and 40ís then being fixed in the 60's, when TV and video took over, and anyway by then the military were excluding PJs from the battlefield, and governments were demanding this bizarre and unattainable "impartiality" to keep them in line. The founding fathers went off to bask in their glory, or die in some foreign field if they couldn't kick the adrenalin habit. By the 60's it was the likes of Bailey, Lichfield and that Irish chap got to play with the new toy box and very quickly homogenised the worlds view of fashion, celebrity and the rest, it's within the confines of that toy box we have to make and judge our pictures today.

In the 30's every nation and region had it's own style and tastes ...

by the 60's things were fundamentally different the whole world had adopted the same aesthetics, and like it or not we both understand the world by it and make our art within it.

As I said it's just an opinion and conjecture not even a theory Iím a working designer not some academic sitting smugly on his grant, I only thought about it a lot because Bailey got the job I really wanted.

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