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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
They are incredible! I picked up my SD1M and started using it again recently and I have to say it's one of the least user friendly DSLRs ever made ... and it's been so long since I have actually used it that I had to download SPP and install it on the Mac I got some time ago.

When I opened the first raw file in SPP I just sat there and stared in amazement! My 240 cannot compete ... there is no comparison IMO. If their new mirrorless is as good as I hope it will be, the Leica may be shown the door!
You encourage me to pick up my Sigma SD1M again. I stopped using it about a year ago because it became a battery hog. Batteries just can't keep a charge in this camera. I need to get it fixed.
Meanwhile, I am using a Leica T and enjoy it.
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