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Originally Posted by Steve M. View Post
Funny how people go on about sharpness, and these are portrait type shots. The last thing I want in a portrait is a sharp shot. I want good IQ and good bokeh. And from that stand point, the Canon lens is excellent. The Leica has something else going for it though. Softer for sure, but something makes the shots really nice. We'll see how it works out between the two lenses w/ large wet prints of Tri-X and T-max.
Sharpness isn't really the issue in the images you posted. The photo from the Canon simply isn't in focus, aside from this, the subject is clearly moving enough to cause motion blur. If you were forced to use a long lens for these photos, a faster lens or higher ISO (film or setting) is a must.

Any quality lens requires adequate technique to exploit its advantages, otherwise any bargain-bin lens will do.
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