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Originally Posted by bayernfan View Post
By no means am I in favor of a 100% Leica lens lineup. I myself use and prefer different brands for certain focal lengths. I suppose the point I'm trying to make is that there are a few Leica lenses that warrant their price, not only in terms of build quality, but in their ability to produce unique image characteristics. If you exclude a lens solely because of its (relatively) high price, you could be missing out on a truly wonderful photographic experience.
I see. I do agree with you on this - I'm certainly missing out the unique travel experience of a personal jet too, solely because I cannot afford it. But I'm not really missing it, you know...

There're many expensive and unique experiences that I have missed in my life. A $6590 lens is one of them, and let there be neither shame nor sorry by saying it, again: I cannot afford it. Wonderful (but is it $6000 more wonderful?) it surely is (it better be), but I know I could make even better use of the money elsewhere...photographically.
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