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Originally Posted by enasniearth View Post
I looked your camera up in rotolonis nikon rf book

looks like there were about 1230 made of your type

there were 2 separate 8 digit groups

the first is very rare and the last number is always 1 , they were produced and the 1 was added to the top plate and back number and are the high value ones

yours is the second type , pretty much a continuation of the standard sequence 609xxxxx with eight numbers instead of seven . as I said 1230 produced in this group .

the number on the inside of the back should match the one on the top plate,
the shutter needs adjustment to cure the problem you see and it is common with old nikon and leica rf cameras .

as far as value I dont know , the original owners name engraved on the front plate affects that .
nice camera to have though
thanks for these!
The film back serial number does match.

i hate it when people write their name on cameras... My Nikon S3 has the same problem

- Edit
shutter works fine now. I guess very cold temperature made it lazy. Room temperature solve that problem
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