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Originally Posted by x-ray View Post
That's really bad advice. You should always start with the best image you can produce. Sorry to step on toes but this philosophy is why there are so many terrible looking images posted. If you calibrated then you know your image looks great to the people that care and calibrate their monitor. You can't second guess what someone else's monitor looks like.
Totally agree.

I also disagree with those who say it is not necessary for you to calibrate your monitor because some viewers don't. Two wrongs are simply twice as bad as one wrong.

And then there are those of us who insist on having a calibrated monitor. Do you want us to know your photos look funky because you adjusted them to an uncalibrated monitor?

As Chris Crawford said, it makes no sense to spend all that time and money worrying about lenses then all that time doing a photo to throw most of it away in the final step.

BTW, all of that is just as important in b&w images as color.
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