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Originally Posted by Jamie Pillers View Post
Thanks for posting these, Mike. Are these images made from OOC jpegs, or RAW files processed through Sigma software? Or DNG? Thanks.
Hi Jamie!

Short answer: I shoot in RAW and process in Sigma software.

Long answer: When I first got my Sigma SD1 Merrill I watched a simple YouTube review by Angela Nicholson and she said that the JPEGS OOC were a bit flat compared to processing the RAW files with the Sigma Photo Pro software. So, right from the begining I always shot in RAW and processed in the Sigma software. I always enjoyed the results and the time consumming process doesn't bother me. When I purchased the Sigma Sd Quattro and later the Quattro H I just continued following the process I was already in the habit of doing.

A point of possible interest to you is that 100% of the time I process in the Auto mode and then occasionally I override the result if I'm not happy with it. That almost always means that I tweak the exposure setting one way or another. Most of the time Auto mode gets it right (in my opinion). If I was smarter I might tweak the other settings or have pre-set custom settings; but I'm not smarter so I don't.

Sorry for giving you such a lengthy detailed (rambling) answer to your short question but there it is.

The YouTube review
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