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Originally Posted by Takkun View Post
I'm curious what current M9 users think about upgrading, if the 240 is worth the jump in price from it. Also curious what the current state of affairs for M9 sensors is. I understand there's a fee if it was bought more than 5 years ago, which, I would guess, is all of them. There's quite a few on different sales channels that don't specify if the sensors are original or not. Is it the sort of thing where, if you didn't have a problem, you won't in the future?

Or am I just absolutely insane for spending a lot of coin replacing a 13 year old camera with a 10 year old one?

My M9 has been chugging along for nine years, and it is still my favourite camera. I haven't used a M240 and only briefly held a M10-P. so I don't have further experience to be able to make a judgment about M9 vs M240. But the M9 is still a great camera and takes wonderful images. I don't go beyond ISO 1600, and process in Lightroom.

Sensors: Leica no longer replace them for free unless you bought it brand new in the last five years (don't quote me on that). Mine was pretty badly corroded and was replaced in 2017, and has been fine since then. Leica went over and beyond to develop a new coverglass which should eliminate the corrosion issue, and were very good to offer free replacement for as long as they did.

Wet cleaning seems to accelerate sensor corrosion issues with the old M9 sensors. Mine was wet cleaned a few times and looked pretty scrofulous. I suspect that all the M9 and Monochrom sensors will eventually succumb to sensor corrosion, simply because of the cover glass issue. But once replaced, it should be fine.
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