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Originally Posted by Takkun View Post

I'll also say I have looked at switching to another system with adapters, namely the Fuji XPro. I'm still not sold on EVFs; ...
I just read a recent post where you mentioned using a X100.

The X-Pro 2's EVF/OVF system is much more versatile and useful than the older X100 bodies'. There is no need to use the EVF. I only use it in those rare situations where precise framing/composition is important. But since you would have to fiddle around with an M to XF mount adapter to use your M/LTM lenses or purchase native XF prime lenses, the X-Pro 2 is not an attractive option.

I believe a very clean M-240 series camera from a reliable seller is most effective way to continue using your M/LTM lenses.
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