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Originally Posted by slantface View Post
I went with an M262 about 2 months ago and got it for $2500. Seemed like a good deal based on its condition so I scooped it up.
Wow, that's a phenomenal deal. The 262's I'm seeing are going for waaaay more than the 240s, likely because they're newer. Still surprised the M9s I'm seeing with known new sensors are almost exactly the same price as a 240...

EDIT: I found a 262 for not much more than a pristine 240. Debating it. Very carefully. No interest in video, lighter and quieter, 3+ years newer. Con: I hate giving up black chrome as it is, but aluminum under black paint? That's a tough one.

EDIT 2: I pulled the trigger on the 262; figure a newer model won't give me as much trouble. I think my Amex is smoldering right now. And I'm sure someone on here will love a nicely babied M8 that still has the plastic wrap on the baseplate.
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