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As I wrote in another thread (I think) I was on the verge of buying an M240 as a natural upgrade to my M8, only to be side tracked by a mint condition Leica Q with accessories (grip, leather half-case) for the same price at the same store - they were sitting side by side. I ended up buying the Q. Mainly because I figured that the AF is a bonus I could not pass it up given how often I miss shots with my M8 due to my diminishing eye acuity and slower reflexes. (Age sucks!)

Especially if you shoot wider lens generally it is well worth considering. It can also be shot in MF mode - in fact its MF mode is implemented beautifully, and in addition, it has the aperture ring on the lens barrel (old style for aperture priority ) and it can of course be shot in shutter priority or full program mode or full manual mode. I have shot up to 6400 with no complaints whatsoever which at least matches the M240 in terms of its ISO handling.

I miss, a little, having interchangeable lenses - especially longer ones but there is no doubt that the Q's 28mm f1.7 is superb. And I even find that I quite like (though skeptical to begin with) the ability to crop in camera (at 35mm the images are about 15 megapixels - that is about the same as most of my other 16 megapixel cameras so I am comfortable with that). I have not cropped to 50mm, though it is possible, as the image pixel count for that is a bit too much for my liking. Still I will say that the ability to visualize the cropped image in camera is more helpful than I ever thought it might be considering that I always post process and could just as easily do it there.

Do I regret not having an M240? Yes a bit, mainly because I have a suite of M glass - but I still have an M8 and can at least use them on that in the same way and with the same limits as before. But can I say that regret buying the Leica Q? Not at all. It is a fun camera to use, even for me and I prefer lenses longer than 28mm/35mm.

A couple of early low light images (nothing special):

Night Time - Bar Crawl by Life in Shadows, on Flickr

Tapas Bar by Life in Shadows, on Flickr
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