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Originally Posted by unixrevolution View Post
A film shooter is interested in the process, and doesn't mind taking a long time and go through a lot of effort, because the result is as important as the process and the love that went into it.

The digital shooter is most interested in achieving the best result at a minimum of cost, time, and inconvenience.

Extrapolate these two preferences into the qualities that you consider to be essential to a good lover, and you see my point

Originally Posted by TheFlyingCamera View Post
To me, the digital camera is a tool, the way a power sander or a circular saw is a tool. Great at doing what it is intended to do, but the nature of the tool is such that I don't find projects to do that require the tool; I get out the tool when I have a project that requires it. A film camera is like a cabinet-maker's grade Japanese hand saw or a fine hand-plane. I would invent projects just so I'd have an excuse to use the tool. I don't begrudge the power tool for existing - in fact I'm very happy to have it when I need a tool that does what it does. But when the tool that requires more of me will fit the task, I prefer that tool.
I'll repeat this to the next people that asks me why 'I still bother with film and stuff'
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