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Definitely film. Over the last 6-7 years, I get regularly approached by people intrigued by the film cameras I use (Olympus OM, Mamiya 6, Olympus 35SP, Contax T2). Never get that response while having a Canon dslr in hand, which I regard as being about as much fun to use as a calculator.

Just this past weekend, I was at a friend's wedding and decided to take some photos with an Olympus OM-4Ti with Motor Drive 2, OM Zuiko 35-80mm f2.8, T32 and Bounce Grip 2 setup. Quite a few guests asked and commented about the equipment, with some saying that they were thinking about getting back into film photography and liked the look of film images better. Even the professional wedding photographer came over and asked me about the equipment, saying it was beautiful and of a different build quality than digital equipment. The wedding photographer even asked if he could take a few pics with my equipment! I of course agreed. He then added that he preferred film himself, but used digital professionally to ensure he got the shot and because clients expect digital these days.
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