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Originally Posted by Photo_Smith View Post
You're a truly strange person then, because there are lots of things that disturb me, but the description of sexy applied to inanimate objects doesn't need the sexual act–possibly it has something to do with the English language.

Also to quote another persons post and then say 'this disturbs me' isn't good forum manners if you are replying to the OP.
The reply was so terminally weird that I couldn't even figure it out. The last person who was as fascinated by one of my Leicas -- who couldn't take his eyes off it -- was a man in his 40s or 50s, a few months ago, but of course, it was socially permissible for me to talk to him, and even to hand the camera to him to play with. It was also a rather different setting, a vide-greniers (village wide yard sale) where conversation flows rather more freely than in supermarkets. It's really a bit sad that I couldn't talk to this young girl because of the social taboos -- or rather, that even I am forced to assume that I wouldn't talk to her because of the social taboos unless I had nefarious designs. Did she know about Leicas? Did she recognize an M? I'll never know.

Actually, I'd say that any man who doesn't notice a pretty girl is the one who has something wrong with him. It's what you do about it that matters. At my age, and happily married for 31 years, the answer should be "nothing" (except perhaps smile).

I also ride a 1000cc motorcycle and drive a 1972 Land Rover Series III and I get about as many admiring glances for both of those as I did in my early 30s -- which leads me to suspect that as you say, it's the Leica, the BMW and the Land Rover that get the admiring glances, rather than my increasingly elderly self.

Then again, when I was about 20, I heard from a friend of a friend of speculation about the "gorgeous bird" ("bird" = girl" in the slang of the 60s and early 70s) in the passenger seat of my Triumph TR3. She was my mother, in her 40s! A classic sports car changes people's expectations. Maybe Leicas, BMWs and Land Rover 88s do too. Then again I suspect that 88 inches would get any woman's attention, at any age. Note to those unfamiliar with Series Land Rovers: "88" and "109" refer to the wheelbase of Land Rovers.

EDIT: Frances says, "If you leave me in the Land Rover, I get admiring glances too. From young men (I tend not to notice the young women as much, for the same reason Roger notices fewer of the young men). And when I carry a nicely worn black Nikon F, I fear that increasingly, it's the F they're looking at."


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