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Stress testing classic Minolta glass
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Stress testing classic Minolta glass

Thanks, Addy !

Was "stress testing" the new to me camera with some of my classic Minolta glass, around the house.

Our two puppies with the 85/1.4 (at f2)

Frya, sun in face:

Baldr in strong back light:

The 35/2 in tricky light. With pol filter:

And "naked" flare test:

Full crop, that lens is sharp (at f5.6) !

The 500/8 hand-held. Sharp and flare resistant, but - of course - donut bokeh ...

And finally, one of my favorite 50s across all brands, the 50/1.4 (today is wifey's birthday):

I feel me and the 850 will get along fine, also for more serious stuff than the above. Cheers,

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