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I regret buying my first and third Agfa Ambi Silettes. Both had trouble with the 1 second to 1/15 speeds. The first one had speeds that were just too slow, which I think was a timing mechanism issue (I'm guessing here, wouldn't want anyone to think I know what I'm talking about ) and the second had a shutter with leaves that started to close normally, but then half-way through almost stopped and then very slowly closed.

The tech. the first was sent to couldn't fix it and I didn't want to waste time and money trying to see if the second one could be fixed.

if you're wondering what happened to Ambi number two, it looked to me like it had fungus in the viewfinder, which didn't really surprise me as two of the three lenses it came with also had fungus. I d regret buying it, but the problems this one had wasn't Agfa's fault.
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