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I'm just in the process of starting to print digital scans from film negs too. One thing I've found in the past is that my local (Fuji) colour lab usually prints B&W with a slight blue cast. Something to do with the colour paper and the chemicals I think. I don't let them print any more but just get the scans on CD (I ask for TIFF not JPEG) which they don't like doing and charge extra but for my part I don't like the amount of compression they apply to the JPEG files.
Then I work them over in Photoshop Elements 6. Now, the TIFF files are quite large compared to the JPEGs, but both come as RGB scans. Previously I've immediately converted the file to Grayscale but I'm beginning to understand that this prevents some options I could use if I kept the RGB channels but desaturated them.
Can anyone elaborate on that?

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