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Originally Posted by venchka View Post
OK, overlooking the pseudo-miniature effect.....
Does this adapter function for rise-fall and left-right shift? While keeping the lens perpendicular to the sensor? Like a conventional PC lens for 35mm cameras? Or does it only do LensBaby type swinging/tilting?
As I tried to say above, it does not shift. It tilts up to about 12 degrees in any direction. It only costs a hundred bucks.

The graphic designer LOVED these shots--the dance class--which to me don't show any miniature effect at all but simply a very high isolation of focus on the subject.

The shot in the first series with the girl sitting on the rug--that shows the miniature effect to my eyes anyway.

I could not have shot these with ANY DSLR, I don't think.

For example, a DX3 with the 2100 PC-E 24mm is too slow at 3.5---well who knows maybe the ois and good FF iso could make up for the speed of my 50mm at f/1.4

Of course some extra time in software might do it, with better results.

It's a bit tricky to focus of course, but that's why 7fps and a big card is nice, hehe.

Here is the fraizer:

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