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Few things I can *add* to the above:

1: He says he got the system and selling it bit by bit. Still, this is the ONLY item he is selling.
2: He's an e-bay member without ANY feedback selling a 1000$ item. Moreover, he registered to e-bay a week ago only.
3: That's not the way one should respond to emails of potential buyers, especially when it's about such an expensive item. Hell, Jon Goodman responds fifty times more detailed and courteous about his cheapo 6$ light seal kit!!! If he [i mean your seller, not JG] would work in a shop i would not enjoy buying stuff from him LIVE.

3: [and this is on his side:] to be 100% correct, he did *not* offer paypal as an option in the auction. You cannot blame him for not accepting your request in the email you've sent him, since you *knew* he is not accepting PayPal *before* you've bid. The escrow service is another matter; you are completely right with that, you should ask for it.

PS: don't you have anybody you know in adelaide that could pick the lens up personally? i find it the only safe way out.
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