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Originally Posted by Jamie123 View Post
Wow, that's a lot of money spent. At $22 for an 8-exposure pack that's $1000 for the whole project.
It was more than that. I shot extra images at some points. All in all it was closer to 430 shots if I had to guess. But I got a free pack or two thanks to Impossible, took advantage of sales and their Poor Pod and Orange flash packs, as well as that PX680 that had some issues. Those 3 packages together netted me 16 packs of film for $95. I also picked up 5 packs of the PX680 Beta 2 film at $13 ea, and 5 of the PX100 UV+ at $10 ea. And got a few packs for bday/christmas.

So still spendy yes, but not as bad as you would think.
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