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Originally Posted by pdexposures View Post
I never got to shoot much 667, but what I did I loved. FP100B was a great film and you can still find a pack or two here and there. FP3000B is quite stunning as well however. Although it has quite a bit more contrast than the Polaroid films ever did.
I actually just got to shoot four packs of 667 out of luck. Bought one of them Polaroid C-something close-up cameras (the one with the ring flash) because I wanted to use the lens for a auto to manual conversion on a 450. Turned out to be the wrong lens (75mm) but luckily the camera came with two twin packs of 667. Beautiful smooth tonality. A bit like Fuji's 100B but nicer. Never was a fan of Fuji's 3000B. Too grainy and contrasty for me.

I do have one last Polaroid film that I really want to keep for something special. It's a roll of Polapan, a 35mm black and white instant slide film. got the developer and machinery, too. I shot one test roll and it looked amazing. The second roll was underexposed because I used it with artificial light and didn't remember to compensate accordingly. The last one I want to keep for a special occasion. It's only got 12 frames.
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