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Been a long time, but the book is finally for sale!

From the back cover:

"Inspirational, I loved it so much."

"Strong. Visceral. Indomitable." -The Quiet Photographer

In late 2010, film photographer Nathan Matos decided to shoot a year's worth of photos using only new film for old Polaroid cameras from The Impossible Project. This book is a collection of nearly 200 of those 365 images, regarded as the best single day compositions and multi-day themes of the year.

The 365 Project is the evolution of both film and photographer. During the year, The Impossible Project made great strides in stability and tonality, as well as launched three new color films and a new black and white film to a global market. Matos was challenged to learn the unique tricks required to master those wonderfully artistic films, and how to adapt to the myriad of hurdles that would arise as the films changed.

To see the project in full, including Matos’ continuation into 2012 with the addition of expired Polaroid film, visit his website at:

Featured as Nylon Mag’s website of the day,
Subject of first Viewfinder feature on,
And discussed on countless blogs and forums.
The Kit:

Leica M6- 35mm Cron V3 / 50mm Cron V3 / 90mm Elmar-C
Hasselblad 500cm - 80mm Planar
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