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Some Polaroid model 250 and other questions please!
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Some Polaroid model 250 and other questions please!

Hi everyone, its been years since I have been on here! I was mostly into Yashica GSN and Agfa isollette cameras. I picked up a Polaroid 250 for $5 at a flea market. I have had these before when you could get Polaroid B&W peel apart film. I liked the negatives from these, the prints you got were not good. I will do the battery mod soon and adjust the rangefinder. I would like to know more about this Fuji 3000 film. Is it contrasty/sharp? How long is the development time? Does it produce a negative at all? If so do you chemically treat it? Which other Models in the 100,200,300,400 line have the glass lens and zeiss rangefinder? I run into these all the time...Oh mine came with two of the clip on flashes both with no cable and in sad shape so I tossed them. If you can point me to some nice crisp images on this Fuji 3000 film I would like to see them. THANKS! Rob
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