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Originally Posted by uhoh7 View Post
ZI 21 has a very nice white frame line, better than any in the OVF of any M. I think I paid around 140ish. Even has a rubber pad so has to not scratch glasses. Ergos are great, you loose almost no side vision. It's brighter than your own eyes, kid not
Yeah, there was a misunderstanding with the Zeiss vs. Contax made by Zeiss. But anyway, here in Germany I can not find any reasonable priced Zeiss finder at the moment. Import from outside of EU is no option, because all together one pays about 30% of the purchase price including shipping costs to the photography-lovers of our government.

I think, I will just take the first of the two, that I find for a reasonable price used: the Zeiss or the CV metal finder. Leica would be okay also, but it seems it is very unlikely to find it for less than your childrens kidneys and their heritage up the the third generation...
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