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Originally Posted by Darthfeeble View Post
I've not tried focus peaking in low light, I'll try it and report back.
Focus peaking utility in low light is highly variable. It depends on
  • The contrast of the intended focus region has the largest impact on focus peaking utility. High contrast in low light can work better than low contrast in brighter light.
  • The sensitivity of the AF system which is expressed in EV (smaller and negative values are better. In low light the EVF display have less detail because the overall signal-to-noise .ratio is lower.
  • The effectiveness of the in-camera AF firmware
  • For EVF finders, the inherent contrast of the finder display.
  • Phase-detection AF works best with fast lenses. Contrast detection works best in low light.(link1, link2).
  • Some cameras a small number of central AF detection sites with higher sensitivity.

It took me a while to experiment with each new camera to maximize focus peaking AF performance in low light.
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