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Elmar 50 2.8 or CV 50 2.5?
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Elmar 50 2.8 or CV 50 2.5?

I understand that this yet another thread about these lenses, I’ve read some but I still can’t decide. I wanna buy a compact 50mm for my Leica IIIf. I already have some nice soviet lenses adjusted for it, I use mostly a nice Jupiter-3 and an Industar-22 (works ok, but I don’t quite like the feel).

I have an opportunity to get a nice Elmar 50 2.8 after CLA, and that probably would be a good idea. But on the other hand I can get a CV Color Skopar 50 2.5, NOS and cheaper than the Elmar.

I wanna have a decent pocketable 50mm with a nice bokeh and flare resistant. I also like geometric composition in my shots and I’ve seen that CV 50/2.5 has a noticeable distortion. But it’s has modern coatings and a nice focusing tab. Well, obviously I can’t decide. What I see clear is that these two lenses are of same class and there’s no reason to get both.

If you own or have owned both — please, tell me you thoughts. What did you leave, what did you sell and why.

I understand that a collapsible summicron will be better than both, but that’s a bit out of my price range for now.
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