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Originally Posted by Takkun View Post

The newly remodeled Space Needle, whose design authorship is actually disputed. One of the consulting firms, John Graham Jr., went on to build many other revolving-floor restaurants. Was the setting of a dramatic assassination scene at the beginning of Alan Pakula's political thriller The Parallax View.

A while back I was invited to assist a professor in documenting a construction project and was honored, and terrified, to go up in a doorless helicopter. Snapped this en route, though I wish I'd chosen a different lens—that Tamron 17-35 was atrocious on full-frame, even stopped down.
I don't think you need to apologize for anything about this photo. My, how those colors grab one and draw one into the scene! And that is certainly not the normal view one gets of the tower. Just great! I was curious what was in the lower right corner?
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